Beauty Diary Mask- lastest range

Beauty Diary Mask- lastest range

我的美丽日记 Beauty Diary Mask

this mask is really recommended!! i've tried and find that its 1 of the best masks
i've used and this mask is the most sellable product!

1 piece: S$1.35/US$0.95
10 pieces: 1 pc S$1.30
20 pieces: 1 pc S$1.25

weight of item & packaging: 30gram

Beauty Diary Mask- Japan cherry blossom
Beauty Diary Mask- Mix berry
Beauty Diary Mask- Strawberry yogurt
Beauty Diary Mask- chocolate

Japan blossom- brightening, soothing, refreshing

mix berry- brightening, lifting, rejuvenating, deep cleanse
strawberry yogurt- whitening, deep cleanse, hydrating