DoDo Club Morning makeup set BB cream

DoDo Club Morning makeup set BB cream

S$12/ US$8.30

weight of item & packaging: 80gram

- Hot in Japan & Korea
-Apply Dodo Powder,after BB Cream... 

BB Cream: Helps to effectively improve skin tone, cover imperfections and fine lines. With SPF 15 PA++ sunscreen to prevent formation of black spots. Oil-free to keep makeup more long-lasting.

Loose Powder: Helps cover pore and soak up excess oil, keeping your makeup perfect all the time. a shimmering powder that makes your skin looks clear and natural...just like without make up!!!!

DoDo Palgantong Morning makeup set includes 4 items:
1)Make up base---BB cream SPF 15 (15g)
2)Pal powder pearl beige 10g (Loose powder)
3)Powder Puff 1pcs 
4)Cosmetic pouch x 1