Shills Miss Prefect Pore Disappear

Taiwan Shills Miss Prefect Pore Disappear----------sold out

S$15.90/ US$10.90

weight of item & packaging: 97gram

Highly recommended by nu ren wo zui da, taiwan beauty show!

Experience the magnificent texture of a perfect makeup that gives smooth coverage instantly. Blends into match all skin tones.

Hide pores and irregularities, absorbing oil while mattifying shine. Skin looks and feels smoother and more uniform.

Fuss over your expose pore whenever someone get close to you. Fuss no more with this product as its main function is to fill up the ups and downs on your skin and make them invisible.

Suitable to be use after daily routine, before make-up.
Just apply a bit on your area you want this to works like your T zone, nose etc