Taiwan 女人我最大 NRWZD Payeasy Preorder 5

11 aug 9pm close
25 aug stock arrived and mailed.


PREORDER 5: start 4 August 09-11 august 09
Seller may end earlier
send us ur order+ payment soon. :)

stocks will reach 2-3 weeks after preorder ends.

Taiwan 女人我最大 (Nu ren wo zui da) Payeasy Preorder
Famous brands available includes Beauty DIY, Niu Er @ Nature, Skincology, BeautyMaker, BioBeauty, shills, Anosa...etc.....

Slimming Products:


Beauty Japan:


English translation by Google: click here

(the english translation a bit lousy)


1st payment:
Singapore S$1= taiwan currency NT21

Taiwan agent fee/handling fee = 20%

item Price (NT / taiwan currency) in Payeasy x 1.20 / 21


2nd payment to be paid upon stock arrival in Singapore:

shipping from taiwan to Singapore


1 unit (estimated 200ml+-) = S$3

(eg: if item is light, eg: http://www.shoppingnspree.com/2009/05/niu-er-calendula-licorice-perfect.html

then shipping is 0.5unit, S$1.50)


postage from shoppingnspree to you : click here

(overseas customer can purchase as well)

save on postage: we provide meet up at parkway ONLY.


++There are always promotion (discount / bundle offer / free gifts) available.

If promotion for the item u brought has ended when Shoppingnspree order after preorder ends,

shoppingnspree will inform buyer, buyer needs to top up the balance, exchange other item or refund

shoppingnspree will try my best to keep note of the promotion period & end the preorder earlier.

(for example on 2nd July, Miss Buyer ordered Shills Magic BB cream and there's 10% off promotion going

on. But on 8th of July when the preorder ends, the promotion is over. Miss Buyer will have to top up the

balance...or exchange for other items / other promotion items.....or refund.)

++After ordering, stocks will take 3 weeks+- to reach me. I will update under THIS page & email u.

Please wait patiently for preorder stocks. Once stocks reach, i will email u all immd.

1. Go thru the taiwan website

2. Copy the URL of each item,cut and paste the item name in Chinese

and retail price in NT (taiwan currency)

3. Email/Send ur order to shoppingnspree@gmail.com /

u can also use e order form below the page or click the ''order form'' from e sidebar at e left.



Name: felicia

Contact No: 97687200

Mailing Address: Blk 00 Marine Drive #00-00 Singapore 000000



<免費送曲線精華>Anosa 熱力窈窕睡碎貼 239NT x1



【全館1入商品9折】金盞花全效舒緩BB美顏霜 242NT x 1


1st payment:

NT x 1.20 / 21

(239NT + 242NT =) 481NT x 1.20 / 21= S$27.49